Saturday, July 28, 2012


I am a 20-something year-old computer forensic examiner living in the Dallas, TX area. I have been working in the computer forensics (CF) field for ~2.5 years at the time of writing and I am constantly striving to improve my knowledge and skill sets  I have some minor programming experience and a huge appreciation for those that spend their free time coding tools for the community. I am highly interested in the hardware side of things (something about SMCs and copper traces really does it for me) as well as the security side; I'm curious by nature and have no problem asking questions so if you have the patience to explain a concept, you have my full attention.

This is my first attempt at maintaining a 'professional' blog. I cannot guarantee that I will update this with any sort of regularity (in fact, I joke that realistically there is a 90% chance that I will never post to this again), but I will try to drop in to share any thoughts I think that other people working in the community may benefit from. The amount of transparency and willingness to share information is in my opinion one of the CF community's strongest assets and one of its most interesting qualities; this blog will serve as my personal attempt at giving back to the community. Of course there is a fair amount of self-promotion (what do you think this is?) and commercialization that goes on within the field but those are natural and even quite beneficial; companies like Guidance Software, AccessData and Cellebrite certainly did not become industry leaders by giving their code away... though many would make the case that we (the examiners) should be the ones getting paid to use these products at times.

I will preface any further posts by saying that I am committed to respecting my employer's investment in me and have no desire to cause a conflict of interest. I will apologize ahead of time and say that I cannot (and will not) share highly proprietary processes or findings if they are developed on company time unless I have explicit approval, but I will make a strong effort to share what I can, when I can. Much of the CF community is comprised of law enforcement (LE) agencies which aren't particularly susceptible to conflict of interest situations as LE is fundamentally a public service (though depending on your level of cynicism you may feel otherwise).

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again sometime.

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